Tulsa Irrigation & Sprinkler System Guide

If you’ve ever looked at your neighbor’s lawn and have felt just a slight tinge of jealousy, or even curiosity as to why your lawn couldn’t look as green and lush, it might be time to start looking at what you’re actually doing for your own lawn. It might seem like a silly question, but go ahead and ask yourself: What have you done for your lawn, lately? Maybe you mow it weekly, use a weed treatment, and maybe you even take the time to break out the hose and water it frequently. Unfortunately, these things we think we’re doing for our lawns to keep them healthy are either often not enough, or way too much. Simply put? They can cost you time, energy, and even money.

Think about the last time you watered your lawn, for instance. Whether you used a hose, or a sprinkler to hit those trouble spots, how much of your lawn was actually getting watered evenly? Or, worse, was some of that water even ending up on the sidewalk or the street? Common sprinklers can end up wasting quite a bit of extra water, leaving you with a higher bill, and a grass that’s still lacking the color and water it really needs in an even manner. So, what’s the solution for standard sprinklers in Tulsa?

A high-quality irrigation system or sprinkler system for your home lawn.

An irrigation system will give you the overall consistency that sprinklers simply can’t, all while saving you money in the long run, and leaving your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood!

So, what can a real irrigation system do?

Save Valuable Time

Most of the time when we take care of our lawns, the weather is nice. Spring and Summer are ideal times of year for us to water our lawns and hope that they look ‘greener than ever’ each year. But, these can also be the specific times of year where we want to do other things! Whether it’s spending time with your family, hitting the golf course, or just soaking up the nice weather however you see fit, you shouldn’t have to waste your precious hours multiple times a week trying to evenly water your lawn manually. With an irrigation system, all the work is done for you on a schedule, so you get the benefit of a lush lawn, without the extra time and effort put in. It’s the best of both worlds!

Save Money

No, a good irrigation system isn’t just a gimmick when it comes to saving money. In fact, you’re bound to notice very quickly that the initial cost of the system will pay for itself in virtually no time at all, when you compare it to traditional watering methods. Because of its efficiency and timing, an irrigation system disperses the right amount of water evenly, so your lawn gets full coverage, and you get lower water bills!
Save The Planet

Overall, irrigation systems use less water, because they use it more efficiently. So, instead of watering the sidewalk, or a certain patch of lawn, you’re watering your entire lawn evenly. In areas that experience frequent droughts, this can be incredibly beneficial.

Water Management For A Better Lawn

Overall, irrigation systems actually help you to manage your water usage so much better, and practically eliminate the risk of overwatering. When people manually water their lawns, they tend to either do it too much, or too often, which can actually do more harm to the lawn than good. Irrigation systems run in cycles, with different types of sprinkler heads, and can distribute different amounts of water based on the type of your lawn (sod, established lawns, etc.)

How can you tell if you’ve been overwatering your lawn? A tell-tale sign is the feeling of sogginess or present moisture when you touch or walk on your grass. It will also get extremely thick thatches, causing you to likely have to mow more. Finally, the blades of grass can appear limp, and fragile, even giving the appearance of ‘folding’ over instead of standing upright to create a thick, luscious lawn. Overwatering can also lead to diseases in your lawn, since enough oxygen isn’t being allowed to circulate through the soil. Think of it as you would anything else that’s getting too much water; essentially, by putting too much water on your lawn, you’re drowning it, and just like every other living thing, it needs to be able to breathe.

On the other hand, if you’re under-watering your grass, you might notice the blades of your grasp wilting, or feeling ‘crisp’ and dry, slower growth, or the grass itself not springing back into place when it’s walked on.

It can be a strange and difficult science to water your lawn efficiently on your own. Why make something that could be so enjoyable into extra work for yourself? With irrigation systems, not only are you taking out the guess work, but you’re practically ensuring yourself a beautiful lawn, while you get to enjoy nice weather, time to do what you love, and more. – Affordable Irrigation Tulsa

When it comes to watering your lawn, the benefits of a high-quality irrigation system simply far outweigh the traditional methods of manually watering. From saving money, saving water, and saving time, to simply having the best looking lawn on your street, installing an irrigation system to water your lawn for you is the best decision you could make for a little extra curb appeal, and a lawn you can be proud of. For more information about commercial or residential lawn irrigation systems or sprinkler systems in Tulsa, call the experts at Affordable Irrigation Tulsa at (918) 720-3257

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